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Spider lift hire Melbourne

Spider lift hire Melbourne. Today was a perfect weather for assisting Ash from Ash’s pressure cleaning. Matt from Spider lift hire melbourne delivered the lift up to the cross on the top of Mt Macedon which is about an hour drive north of Melbourne. The 1890... read more

Spider lift Tower hire Melbourne

Spider lift tower hire Our Spider lift tower have been unusually busy this last month or so, a few wind storms will do that. Many of our  customers are arborists which use the lifts for many of there jobs. there are regular Tree trimming and hedge job which are often... read more
Property maintenance

Property maintenance

Today I delivered an 1890 platform basket spider lift to Monash university to for some property maintenance work in one of their courtyards. it was mostly to do some painting maintenance. Access was via a double door but then we immediately had to turn a corner and... read more
Cherry picker hire

Cherry picker hire

There are so many possible search phrases that my customers use when  they need a spider lift. Cherry picker hire is a common one which is why cherry picker hire is costly to rank high in Google using pay per click advertising. People use Cherry picker in their... read more

Difficult access experts.

Here at Spider lift hire we pride ourselves in being able to provide unique, safe and efficient access to your difficult access jobs. We not only send a difficult access expert out to site to assess which lift is the best for the job but can provide site specific... read more

Boom lift hire melbourne

Looking To Hire A Boom Lift in Melbourne ? Spider lift hire has a new range of boom lift hire Melbourne, that most trades have never even seen before. Do you have a work site that is too steep for a normal boom lift or scissor lift to elevate on ? or it the area on a... read more
Spider lift hire

Spider lift hire

Last week we had a customer that was trying to do some repairs at the back of a house in Toorak Melbourne. a Narrow scaffold was in place but the Painter was still unable to reach with the apex of the roof being 7.4 metres high. Short of building a massive... read more

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