Looking To Hire A Boom Lift in Melbourne ?

boom lift hire in melbourne

Spider lift hire has a new range of boom lift hire Melbourne, that most trades have never even seen before.

Do you have a work site that is too steep for a normal boom lift or scissor lift to elevate on ? or it the area on a suspended slab where there will be weight restrictions? or is does your job limit you by a having a narrow or low entry point that you can’t fit a normal boom lift into. its it small job and it would take longer to build a scaffold that it would take to do the job, if only you could reach it.

Introducing the spider lift.  they are basically a boom lift on a narrow but strong chassis and have 4 legs like a spider which we call stabilizers. These are used to lift and level the chassis to create stability for the lift so it can safely elevate up, across and slew around  like any other boom lift does.  Most boom lift hire melbourne are limited to between 1 and 3 degrees in which the boom will elevate but a spider lift can set itself up on hill and steep as 21.8 degrees. the weight difference is amazing a 19m or 60 ft boom lift weights only 2070 kilograms and has 6.6 metres reach and a Platform basket 1890 Spider lift has 18m reach with 200Kgs in the basket and over 8 metres reach with less.

Spider lifts can do any work that a normal lift can do, the only restriction is the weight, one some spider lifts the in the basket weight is limited  at maximum horizontal reach. This is due to the very low total machine weight comparison which is normaly less that 1/4 of the weight of a normal    Boom lift hire Melbourne.   For further information see our other website.   www.spiderlifthire.com

Hinowa 19.65 spiderlift at waverley park in Melbourne

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