There are so many possible search phrases that my customers use when  they need a spider lift. Cherry picker hire is a common one which is why cherry picker hire is costly to rank high in Google using pay per click advertising. People use Cherry picker in their searches even though they might actually need a spider lift, a boom lift, a knuckle boom lift, or even just a scissor lift. A spider lift can do the job of all of these.

the photos below are some shots of our 1380 platform basket spider boom lift. It is a cherry picker the can go almost any where. It will climb a few stairs or ramps that we can supply. Setup on steep hills, travel and setup on fragile surfaces and fit through narrow gates and doorways.  Our cherry pickers have very impressive horizontal reach for their weight, this is because of the legs that must be lowered to stabilize the lift.

spider boom lift rental

Difficult access spider boom lift hire

Cherry picker hire

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