BLUELIFT SA31 - Tracked Spider Lift

For Specifically Inaccessible Working Places And Likewise Suitable For Everyday Life
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Ruthmann Bluelift SA31

Maximum Performance-Minimum Dimensions

The SA31 can be positioned in the segment of the 30-33 meter high tracked spiders lifts primarily on account of its compact dimension and newly developed function.

In comparison with a simple telescopic boom, an articulated telescope boasts a higher net weight.

As manufacturer of tracked spider lifts, RUTHMANN deliberately places its trust in the construction of articulated telescopes in order to achieve numerous benefits relating to transport and operating situations, e.g. an ideal access situation and a positioning in confined or inaccessible spaces.

Fields of applications for the SA31 are:

  • tree-pruning

  • Industrial cleaning

  • Indoor and outdoor areas which generally are difficult to access with delicate floorings or limited floor load capacities (shopping malls, exhibition halls, airports..)

  • And moreover in a wide range of industrial applications (assembling project, inspection, construction..)

The BLUELIFT SA31 offers the automatic positioning system and asymmetrical types of stabilisation in the standard version.

SA 31 Main Features

 Diesel engine Kohler HDW 1003

with BLUELIFT ENERGY SAVER system modulates the RPM of the combustion engine, monitoring each function, reducing the consumption of fuel and extend engine efficiency

 230V Electric motor – 110V Electric motor

BLUELIFT i-PERFORMING MOTOR (patented) provides the best result in performance by electric engine on the market… speed of movements similar to combustion engine without affecting the use of the double movement also on electric mode!


 AUTO START & STOP of engine

Save fuel and makes operation quieter by stopping the engine when not in use and automatically re-engaging when it time to move. The Auto Start & Stop works also on electric motor to preserve energy and reduce the pump overheating



A simple device in its use with interactive multilingual display. Hand sensors are incorporated within the controller for increased operator safety during the driving of the platform, enabling the track driving controls only when the operator has it in his hands.



Manages automatically and proportionally the stabilization process driving the movement solenoid valves of stabilizers. The self-stabilizing system is a good solution for easy, quick, and safe stabilization.



Eliminates the need for the operator to rely on visual alignment for safe lowering.



Go Home function (optional) stows the machine automatically for the operator ensuring the machine is perfectly stowed each and every time.



Minimize tilt risk by shifting the drive system from high to low speed if the sloping angle changes by more than 5°. In terms of travel speed on flat ground, after a couple of seconds that the operator drives the platform in front or backward direction, the device doubles the speed of the tracks. When the operator starts to turn the spider or drive on a slope more than 5° (ex. during the loading/unloading from a truck), the device automatically reduces the speed in order to guarantee the safety of the operator.



Connect via LAN, Wifi or GPRS anywhere in the world, direct to the engineers for full diagnostic or to upload new settings, can also be used to monitor machines’ usage




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