Hinowa Light Spider Lift 19.65 - The Tight Access Spider Lift

The Hinowa light lift 19.65 is the tallest lift that can still fit through a standard door

19.65m Reach Spider Lift For Hire

The Hinowa light lift 19.65 is the tallest spider lift you can hire that can still fit through a standard door of 820mm.

When you hire this spider lift you can transport the machine on a trailer and without the need of a truck.

With close to an incredible 20 metres reach this spider lift weighs in at just over 2 tonne and is currently the most popular spider lift in the fleet.

Hinowa light spider lift 19.65m will fit through a 820mm doorway

It is also the most simplest machine to use, with an automatic levelling function display and a full fault diagnosis panel.

This machine is very popular in the arborist industry – due to its great vertical reach.

Spider lifts contain all the features of a hired scissor lift or a hired knuckle type boom lift

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Not Sure What Piece Of Equipment Is Right For Your Job?

If you’re unsure whether a spider lift is the right piece of equipment for your site, give us a call. Our skilled spider lift experts can come out to your site and suggest which lift will best suit your needs. Get the right lift on your job site

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