Leguan 125 - The Versatile Elevating Work Platform

With 12.5 metres reach, the self propelled Leguan has the reach of machines up 5 times its weight

12.5m Reach Elevating Platform For Hire

With 12.5 metres reach, the self propelled Leguan has the reach of machines up 5 times its weight, our special access elevating work platforms can reach places where many other lifts cannot go.

Spider Lift Hire offer a pick it up your self service the with a purpose built trailer (Gross weight 2000Kg)

Full time four wheel drive makes driving easy even in difficult conditions and on uneven terrain.

With the LEGUAN you can also work indoors and in similar tight situations -features that make the LEGUAN more versatile than most other lifts.

The Leguan 125 can fit through
a 100 cm doorway.

Not Sure What Piece Of Equipment Is Right For Your Job?

 Our skilled spider lift experts can come out to your site and suggest which lift will best suit your needs. 

LEGUAN elevating work platform combines the advantages of articulating and telescopicboom design.

Articulating boom construction together with telescoping upper boom give excellent up-and-over capabilities. All functions – drive, outrigger set up and boom movements – can be operated on the platform.

Despite its compact dimensions the LEGUAN offers features you haven’t seen before. Efficiency, stability, safety and quality are on a level that is usually associated with much more expensivelarger equipment.

In addition, the LEGUAN turns 360 degrees on the spot.

With the front jockey wheel that lifts the front wheels off the ground the LEGUAN can work on sensitive areas like marble or timber flooring without skidding and leaving tracks on the floor.

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