Platform 15.75 - The Tight Access Spider Boom

Able to fit through a 820mm opening this machine will reach a height of 15 metres straight up with a massive 200 kgs in the basket
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15m Reach Spider Boom For Hire

The platform Basket 15.75 is is renowned for its long horizontal reach and the machines flexibility in all working situations.
If you are looking for a 15m knuckle boom to hire, you will find this spider lift will easily do the job, with a reach of 15 metres with 200 kgs in the basket.
With the ability to fit through standard a 820mm door and its non-marking long tracks it, the machine comfortably travels over timber and tiled floors.
If you need to work over a carpet environment Spider Lift Hire can provide a board for the spider boom lift to turn on the spot, with no damage to the carpet.

Platform Basket 15.75 will fit through a 820mm doorway

Better Than Hiring A Knuckle Boom

The tracks on the spider lift platform 15.75 are adjustable both in and out and up and down. This enables this spider boom hire machine to  get through a narrow doorway as well as greater off road ability as well as ground clearance.

This spider lift hire machine shares all the best features of a knuckle boom hire machine.

Give Spider Lift Hire a call today. An professional team member can come out to your work site and suggest which spider lift to hire, to best suit your work site.

Not Sure What Piece Of Equipment Is Right For Your Job?

 Our skilled spider lift experts can come out to your site and suggest which lift will best suit your needs. 

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– Full Brochure

– Working Envelope

– Hazard Risk Assessment

– Induction Sheet

– Quick Reference guide

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