Last week we had a customer that was trying to do some repairs at the back of a house in Toorak Melbourne. a Narrow scaffold was in place but the Painter was still unable to reach with the apex of the roof being 7.4 metres high.

Short of building a massive cantilevered scaffold in the neighbours tennis court a Spider knuckle type boom lift from spider lift hire was the only option.

With the basket removed we were able to drive our 15.75 spider lift hire through the 1 meter gate even at an angle drive across the grass and up a step on the the paving area where we could reach over 8 metres across the roof.  All with no damage to the lawn or paved areas.



Cherry picker narrow track mounted.

Narrow access gate entry.

15 75 spider lift across lawns

IMG_9283 Thin ply wood was placed under the lift on the very soft and wet turf.

cherry picker hire

Awesome horizontal reach for a boom lift under 2 tonne.


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